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New Work Order #237
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Priority: Normal
Created: 3/3/2014 6:18:43 AM
From: YZ2965MS6
Building: Elementary School
Room: Wg8VBPekL6FH
Item: JaZwsMJLE
Status: New
Problem: QuotesChimp solution to this problem would be to create a new state office: Public Advocate. The job of Public Advocate would be to take the side of the average insurance consumer when matters of premium rate increases, insurance policy wording, insurance legislation, or other issues of vital import to consumers are being debated in the legislature or decided by the insurance commissioner. A Public Advocate would have the time, money, information, and ability to effectively represent the consumer's point of view. This is extremely important from my perspective because I do not believe that the consumer is adequately rep�resented in government. This new office would balance the equation.
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